Reasons to buy gold and silver bullion

To get invested in gold and silver can make a great diference for the future, for great investers as for small savers.

To buy gold is the best strategy

When the bubble of technological companies burst in 2001, gold increased its value from 265 $ to 1.890 $ per ounce, only in 10 years!. However its value did not change, what changed was the value of the money we use.

Different governments and Central Banks, have a union of their own interests, they manipulate the price of gold so us, the citizens, are not aware of the loss of value of the currency.

reasons to invest in gold and silverThis manipulation in the Futures Market of precious metals cannot resist this for much longer, because gold is needed to respond with delivery. The demand under 1.200 $ per ounce is higher that the total amount of gold suitable for selling. Also a lot of mining explotations stop their production when gold has a low price, because the explotation cost is higher so that drives gold production lower and obviously the price of gold surges.

Gold is the most secure existing money.

After more than 3 years of correction in which the price of gold has decreased, it is the best moment to buy. There is no risk of a significant price decline, because its current price is nearly the explotation costs.

To invest in gold is VAT free.

Gold has been used as a way of interchange and saving for more than 5.000 years.

If we distributed all the available gold in the world between all the total world population, we could only get a fraction of an ounce each.

The International Money system is out of control. It is only a matter of time when a big reform will change it by new international agreements. Probably new currencies will be newly based in gold

Gold does not need another party for its value, it is concentrated wealth. It cannot be confiscated as bank deposits or any other financial asset. If you physically own it, governments cannot manipulate its value only its price.
Gold passes from generation to generation, and it is a part of the family heritage.

If you have an investment portfolio, gold will add:

reasons to invest in gold and silver
  • Diversification: Gold correlates only an average of 0.1 with other assets.
  • Liquidity: Gold is the most liquid asset, more than Bonds or Stocks.
  • It is an insurance against inflation or deflation.
  • As an insurance against the fall of the dollar or the rest of other currencies. Gold correlates -0.1 (negative) with the dollar and nearly other currencies.
  • To stock up gold outside of the banking system is an insurance against bankruptcies and confiscation of assets.