This is the first release in the "Frozen - Magic of the Northern Lights" coin collection, which celebrates some of the most memorable Disney characters. Each character is colorized on high-quality .999 fine Silver and...
The Argyraspides were Alexander the Great's most feared warriors. Contains 1 AVDP oz of .999 fine Copper. Obverse: Features an image of the Argyraspides, warrior. Reverse: The design of the Silver Shield with the...

Silver Bars

Silver Bullion, physical silver bars.

Only brands authorized as silver refiners by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), rated GOOD DELIVERY, available in Libertyoro.

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Minted Southern Cross bullion 1 oz silver bar with a fineness of 999/1000. Obverse: features the iconic Southern Cross constellation. Reverse: the famous Australian Eureka flag which first flew during the Battle of...
This unique, creative masterpiece of the Royal Canadian Mint sets new standards. The legal tender MAPLEFLEX consists of 19 coins of specific weight and denomination, which together equal 2 ounces of silver. These are...
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